G&E Equipment List

We do not currently list stock values online, or itemized rental prices. Rather than stating fixed prices up front, we have found it better to offer equipment a-la-carte, and then get the package you need to fit into your budget through discounting and other incentives. Please feel free to get in touch if you have a specific budget or gear list you’re looking to rent, and we’ll make it happen!


MYTWorks Level 5 Slider w/tension control and universal tripod head mounts

(Adapts to any speedrail length like a Dana Dolly) 



Arri Skypanel S60-C (Optional: Snap Bag Softbox, Battery plate)

Cineo HS (Bi-color Remote Phosphor)

Cineo Maverick (Bicolor Remote Phosphor)

LiteGear Litemat 2, S2 (Square, Hybrid)

LiteGear Litemat 4, S2 (Hybrid)

Quasar 4′ Crossfade Tubes

Quasar 2′ Crossfade Tubes

Quasar 2′ QLED Lithium Ion Bicolor Tube

Litepanel 1×1 Mono, Dimmable 5600k, Chimera

Litepanel 1×1 Astra 2x, Dimmable 5600k

LItepanel 1×1 Astra 4x, Dimmable, Bicolor

12×12 LightPads w/eggcrates + Battery kit

3×12 LightPads w/eggcrates+ Battery kit



Arri T2 2000w Fresnel Lamp

Arri Studio 2000w Fresnel Lamp

Arri Studio 1000w Fresnel Lamp

Arri Junior 1000w Fresnel Lamp

Arri 1000w Open Face Lamp

Arri 750w Open Face Lamp

Arri 650w Fresnel Lamp

Arri 300w Fresnel Lamp

Arri 150w Fresnel Lamp

750w Leko lights w/ pipe clamp, TVMP, and extra bulb (19º barrels)

750w Leko lights w/ pipe clamp, TVMP, and extra bulb (26º barrels)

750w Leko lights w/ pipe clamp, TVMP, and extra bulb (36º barrels)

750w Leko lights w/ pipe clamp, TVMP, and extra bulb (50º barrels)



Kino 4×4 kits (FatMan) + D/T bulbs 

Kino 4×2 kits (SkinnyMan) + D/T bulbs 

Kino 2×4 kits (FatBoy) + D/T bulbs 

Kino 2×2 kits (SkinnyBoy) + D/T bulbs 

Kino Diva 400 kits + D/T bulbs 

Kino Barfly 400 kits + D/T Bulbs

Kino Micro Flo Kits + D/T bulbs


Arri 1200 Daylight PAR HMI

Arri M18 1800w Daylight Par w Lenses and HS Highspeed Ballast

Kobold 800 PAR Lamp with Lens Kit, Speed Ring, and Small Chimera

Kobold 400 PAR Lamp with Lens Kit, Leko Adaptor, Speed Ring, and Small Chimera

Kobold 1600 PAR Lamp with 5-Lens Set, Speed Ring, and Chimera – Special Order

Kobold Para Series (Comparable to Briese Lamps) in 77cm, 133cm, 177cm, and 222cm – Special Order

Strand Irem 1200w Magnetic ballasts

Strand Irem 575w HMI head + header cable and barn doors



Lantern Lock 18” Paper Lanterns (art. Silk shells)

Lantern Lock 24” Paper Lanterns (art. Silk shells)

Honda 2000w Red Suitcase Generator with one 20A circuit.



25’ Stingers

50′ Stingers

50′ Stingers with Quad Boxes

100′ Stingers

Power Strips

1′ Quad Box Add-on Units

1000w Dimmer

2000w Dimmer (Magic Gadget)

2000w Flicker Dimmer



3-rise Mombo Combo Stands (Daddy Long Legs)

High-high boy rolling Stands

Med-high boy rolling Stands

3-rise Combo Stands

2-Rise Low Boy Combo Stands

3-rise Beefy Baby Stands

2-rise Beefy Baby Stands

Full 40″ C-Stands w/Rocky Mountain Leg

Full 40″ C+ Stand w/Turtle Base

Baby 20″ C-Stands w/Rocky Mountain Leg

Baby 20″ C+ Stand w/Turtle Base

Avenger Mini C-Boom

Rolling 750 stands

Light weight light stands

Micro stands

C-stand Carts



Swivel Cheeseboros

Lollipop grip heads

Set of Small butterfly frame corners w/2 Ears

Set of Large butterfly frame corners w/2 Ears

Big Ben clamps

Big Bess clamp (Speedrail Cheeseboro to Junior Receiver)

Maffer clamps

Gobo heads

Cardellini clamps

Mini-grip Cardellini clamp

Duck bills

Chain Vise

Pipe clamp

Drop ceiling clamps

Speed C Clamps

10″ Studded C Clamps

8″ Studded C Clamps

6” Studded C clamps

4” C clamps

3” C clamps

Menace arm kits

Baby offset arms

Kino offset arms

Single Kino bulb mounts

3” Pigeon plate

6” Pigeon plate

9” Pigeon plate

2×4 Wall Spreaders

MyWay Plate – Quad

MyWay Plate – Dual



6×6 Green Screen (Production-grade Veltex)

6×6 Full silk

6×6 1/4 Grid

6×6 1/4 Silk

6×6 1/2 Soft Frost

6×6 Full Silent Grid

6×6 Bleached muslin

6×6 Unbleached muslin

6×6 Light grid

6×6 Single Net

6×6 Grifflon

6×6 Ultra bounce

6×6 Black Solid

6×6 Silver Lame

6×6 Silver Checkerboard


8×8 Green Screen

8×8 Black Solid

8×8 Single Net

8×8 1/2 Soft Frost

8×8 Silent Full Grid

8×8 Silent Light Grid

8×8 Ultrabounce

8×8 1/4 Silk

8×8 Full Silk


12×12 Green Screen

12×12 Ultra Bounce

12×12 Black Solid

12×12 Bleached Muslin

12×12 LT grid

12×12 Full Grid

12×12 Full Silk

12×12 Double Black Net

12×12 Single Black Net

12×12 Bleach Muslin

12×12 B/W Griffolyn

30″ Flex fill


4×4 Frames, Collapsible

6×6 Frames 1” Square Stock

8×8 Frames 1” Square Stock

12×12 Frames 1” Square Stock

(and 2 of the 6×6 frames make a 12×12) 


Dot and Finger Kit (For tabletop work)

18”x24” 250 diffusion

18”x24” Opal diffusion

18”x24” wood cookie

24”x30” open frames

24×36 Open frame

24×36 Solid

24×36 Double Net

24×36 Single Net

24×36 Silk

24×36 Wood cookie

4×4 single net

4×4 full silk

4×4 top-hinge floppies

4×4 bottom-hinge floppy

4×4 250 diffusion

4×4 Opal diffusion

4×4 216 diffusion

4×4 Ultrabounce Frame (non-flop)

4×4 Bleached Muslin

4×4 Unbleached Muslin

4×4 Open Blade Frames



Apple Box All-in-One Families

Full Appleboxes

Half Appleboxes

Quarter Appleboxes

Eighth Applebox (Pancake)

75mm Hi-hat

Ratchet straps

Sand bags

Shot Bags

Sandbag Muscle Carts

#1/#2/#3 spring clamps